Lovells Wharf

For years, its cut-off Thames Path stood as a reminder of the poor relationship between developers and locals in Greenwich. Now the firm which is developing Lovell’s Wharf and neighbouring Pipers, Granite and Badcock’s Wharves – under the uninspiring Greenwich Wharf banner – wants Greenwich Council to back plans to pack more homes into the site, taking the blocks from 10 to 13 storeys high.

The Greenwich Phantom’s already discussed this, but it’s worth restating what’s planned. The developer wants to increase the number of flats in the development from 667 to 913 – with the extra 246 flats all for private sale.

There was a consultation at the end of last year – it doesn’t seem to have had much effect, though.

Plans for a hotel and offices are axed in the new scheme, along with nearly all other non-residential uses. The original plans, approved in 2007, included a health centre, some shops, and a rowing club.

Reading through the planning documents (Greenwich Council’s new planning website is a mess, unfortunately), you could be forgiven for thinking that the developers saw the approved proposals for adjacent Enderby’s Wharf included 16-storey blocks, and thought “we fancy a bit of that”.

Banning Street, Greenwich

But even the current, more modest buildings are looming horribly over Banning Street – the new proposals look less like community-building, more like a quick money-making scheme, packing people in with fewer facilities and no investment in local transport to help them get in and out of the area.

If you’ve any comments on the proposals, then they need to be with the council by 7 May (currently, you can also email – see the comments in the Phantom’s post for more details).

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  1. and please copy in me, Miranda and Dick if you do write in – we don’t see what you think about it unless you tell us yourselves
    – and – I know some people are finding it hard to get into the planning web site – you can of course just email the planning dept. direct – or even write in with pen and ink

  2. Hi Darryl, In the transport documents there is a Section 106 that states that they have already paid Greenwich Council £244,800 to upgrade the 4 closest bus stop and apparently this work has already been done although I have not seen any difference.

    They have also agreed to pay a further £163,200 upon completion of phase 2.

    Putting some money into the pedestrian bridge at Maze Hill would be a better place to start in my opinion.

    Also the height increases are only at the front (river side) part of the buildings. Banning street side will still be around 8 storeys high. And yes you are right about their new neighbours down the river. There are many comparisons in the access statement about how much bigger their buildings are.

  3. Isn’t the biggest problem for the area just how awful the buildings look even in low rise. Apart from the few brick fronted ‘houses’ the existing blocks already look severely run down and akin to a prison complex in places with all the unpainted metal. The construction is clearly the cheapest they can get away with and I cannot believe people have paid £700k+ for some of the flats. It’s the one part of town architecture I hate more than the cutty sark restaurants!

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