Darryl Chamberlain
Darryl Chamberlain edits The Greenwich Wire

Thanks for reading The Greenwich Wire. We publish original journalism about news and issues in Greenwich borough and neighbouring parts of south-east London.

We go to council meetings, we try to get our head around the documents, we ask questions, we put in Freedom of Information requests, and we talk to people – the kind of things the traditional local press gave up on in the part of the world a long time ago. We’re proud to be a member of the Independent Community News Network.

We’re funded by our readers. Without their generosity, The Greenwich Wire couldn’t continue and much of what is here would go unreported – you’d be relying on people, often anonymous, shouting on social media instead. If you’d like to join our growing band of supporters, visit Steady to become a member.

We tend to concentrate on local politics and infrastructure – buildings, transport, streets – but we’ll try to pick up anything that affects your life here today or tomorrow. We’ll get off the fence when we have to, but we’ll always remember there’s two sides to a story.

The site is edited by Darryl Chamberlain, a journalist of 25 years’ experience with spells at the BBC and MoneySavingExpert.com on his CV. Our readers’ funding means he can spend a couple of days a week working on the site. When he’s not working on the site, he’s a sub-editor on a national newspaper. When he’s not doing that, he’s going on a long train journey, parkrunning, watching Charlton Athletic through his fingers or finding the perfect pub.

We also use some stories from the BBC’s Local Democracy Reporting Service from time to time, mostly to pick up issues from City Hall or neighbouring boroughs we think it’s worth you knowing about, but sometimes to cover stories we haven’t got the time to do ourselves.

This site aims to report robustly, but fairly. It adheres to the Editors’ Code of Practice. (Got a complaint? Mistakes happen, so get in touch and we’ll try to fix things. For more serious issues, see our complaints procedure.)