Thames Path. Greenwich, 2 February 2013

One of the first big barneys on this site was over the closure – well, destruction – of the Thames Path at Lovell’s Wharf in Greenwich, and the council’s subsequent grovelling to developers after that.

Of course, the developers then downed tools after finishing the first phase, leaving a flooded hole in the ground where the future developments promised by the council’s propaganda weekly should have been.

But work’s recently recommenced, and nearly three years after the fences came down and people realised the path had been destroyed, Durkan Homes has finally replaced it. It actually opened on 11 January, and huge credit must go to local councillor Mary Mills, who cut the ribbon that day.

Looking back at the original May 2010 post, mind, it’s striking just how many of the complaints – of poor communication and council arrogance – still ring true now, particularly in light of recent events. And that was just after an election…

Further up the path, there’s some dramatic progress along the remaining closed section of the path, between Delta Wharf and Drawdock Road, just next to the Dome…

Drawdock Road

The whole thing’s being rebuilt – including the river wall, and the slipway at the end of Drawdock Road. Might be a while yet. And before you ask, there’s still no sign of Delta Wharf turning into a beach for the 2012 Olympics

But at least now most of the path is now open, except for that short section – should you be walking or cycling it westbound, keep a very close eye for the pathway that takes you back onto it (just beyond the oddly-pointless traffic lights at the top of the Blackwall Tunnel escape ramp).

Thames Path. Greenwich, 2 February 2013

All of which gives you the chance for a proper walk or cycle along the Thames, and to enjoy the work of the secretive Greenwich Guerrilla Knitters. Their creations are holding up well, despite the winter.

9.15pm update: A committee of councillors will be discussing a report into cycling along the Thames Path (that’s along the whole borough, from Deptford to Thamesmead) at 7pm on Tuesday 12 February, at Woolwich Town Hall.

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  1. Call me a cynic, but the path being open at Lovell’s being nothing to do with the fact that Durken wish to submit a new application for taller buildings on the next phase of the development, and have been courting locals prior to a formal application.

  2. being a new resident,yesterday was the 1st times i walked this section going to Sainsburys. i was sad to see this section that takes you off the pathway which was confuessing and complexed for a 1st timer and takes you back onto it (just beyond the oddly-pointless traffic lights at the top of the Blackwall Tunnel escape ramp) i would love to cycle to work in Eirth but would only consider this if the pathway were more user friendly and safe.

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