A 53 to Lambeth North

Back in January, this website noted the sudden cut to bus route 53 caused by roadworks by Westminster Bridge. The service stopped running the full length of its route to Whitehall, depriving many local workers, from cleaners to civil servants, of their usual route to central London.

The diggers have moved away from Bridge Street, but initial dates for the restoration of service in March and then April have been missed. Transport for London blames new works at the Elephant & Castle for continuing to stop the service at Lambeth North. However, no other bus through the Elephant is suffering such a severe cut in service.

Local politicians have been strangely silent on the matter – at least in public – although I do know Woolwich Common’s Labour councillor David Gardner has raised the issue with Transport for London, citing the number of low-paid workers who use the bus.

Now the Charlton Society (declaration of interest: I’m on its committee) has launched a petition to get the route back to is full strength once again. To sign it, visit Change.org.

3 replies on “Fix the 53: Petition demands bus runs to Whitehall once again”

  1. Darryl

    Signed that. Maybe the 53X should make a comeback to alleviate the chaos at London Bridge!

  2. Ironic this. I signed the petition a few days ago ahead of a heart operation at St Thomas’. I had to be at the hospital for 0830 so got the train up to London Bridge rather than risk the traffic. I walked from London Bridge to St Thomas’ because Notwork SE don’t have a route to Waterloo East any more.
    This afternoon I had to get a 453 from outside the hospital (it was pouring with rain today) and then decamp onto a 53 after the 453 was terminated early at New Cross. So Tfl get double the money for a crappier service.
    Still I supposed there is joined up thinking here. All the services are rubbish. Grrr.
    Oh, and Tfl ought to realise that Lambeth North is north of the Elephant so the 53 has to endure the traffic there anyway! The road was clear from Westminster Bridge to Lambeth!

  3. Has the 53’s full route still not been restored, does anyone know? I this week began to take the bus every day to and from work as the monthly Travelcard cost has become so ridiculously expensive and noted that there appear to be no 53s, only 453s, running through Whitehall where I catch my bus home. Needless to add, the 453s are jam-packed until at least Elephant and not a pleasant journey for me, and I’m fairly fit and healthy, so must be dreadful for anyone who struggles to stand for longer periods.

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