Deceptively rural-looking: The Angerstein Wharf freight line line

You might remember last summer, this website mentioned a special rail trip up the Angerstein Wharf branch line, which links the main network with riverside industries in both Greenwich and Charlton.

853 reader John decided to shell out for the all-day trip which included a trip up the line.

He says: “I live on Bramshot Avenue and have crossed this line by foot many times. I enjoy travelling by train and just simply staring out the window, but I must admit I was a bit apprehensive because of your ‘punishingly-long’ comment. 11 hours is a long time.

“However, it was a great day. I suppose it was made better by taking the ‘dining’ option (old-fashioned first class carriages, a spot-on full English breakfast, four-course dinner and a fair bit of booze), but the journey was interesting and far from boring.

“Yes, my fellow travellers were definitely of a type: ‘peas in a pod’ as one said, who I heard commenting on the madness that a 3365B couldn’t couple with a 3367 🙂 But these are affable types, and the world needs people like them.”

“The only downside was that there was a broken track at Angerstein and we couldn’t go all the way down.”

And now, courtesy of YouTube train buff snowyrails, you can watch the trip for yourself. Enjoy.

3 replies on “Watch a train trip up Greenwich’s Angerstein Wharf freight line”

  1. I did this trip as well – and it was a cracking day out even though I’m not a ‘train enthusiast’. I live in Elliscombe Road, and Eversley before that, and always been intrigued by the Angerstein branch line, so it was great to get a different perspective on Charlton.

  2. Interesting!

    n.b. I was fooled for a while when, at 0:11, the caption says travelling “Eastward”. It should say “Westward”.

  3. Yes I did it some years ago – what was good was arriving at the crossing from Fairthorn Road and finding Alan and loads of friends all waiting to wave us through.

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