Enderby House, 15 June 2014

A development by the east Greenwich riverfront at Enderby House, the Grade II-listed building that housed the firm behind the world’s first transatlantic cables, which were made at Enderby Wharf.

The house, now on the site of the long-delayed cruise liner terminal, has been decaying for years. Now developer Barratt Homes has taken action.

Enderby House, 30 August 2014

It’s hidden it behind a fence.

Enderby House, 30 August 2014

With Greenwich due for a tourist influx this weekend thanks for the council-backed Tall Ships Festival – which Barratt is a headline sponsor of – it should be a great chance to show off east Greenwich’s amazing industrial heritage. The communications infrastructure – undersea cables that send data around the world – enabling you to read this was developed here. But instead of celebrating one of the birthplaces of modern communications, Barratt has neglected it. And now it’s hiding it.

The addition of Greenwich Council’s Tall Ships logo reminds of the last great bit of civic whitewashing around these parts – the covering over of the Woolwich riot wall three years ago.

Enderby House, 30 August 2014

Never mind its history, Enderby Wharf is a “brand new riverside destination”.


Mind you, Barratt Homes can’t spell either, so perhaps expecting it to respect Greenwich’s history is a bit optimistic. If you’re Greenwich Council – watch the developers you jump into bed with

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  1. I spoke to Gary Patrick, regional sales director of Barratt on Friday at the Tall Ships media briefing. He says that as yet they have no definite plan for Enderby House beyond safeguarding from any further deterioration. “It is obviously an important building so whatever we do we must be mindful of its history. It must be something that will enhance and benefit the local community and the development.”
    Mr Patrick would not be drawn further, but separately I understand a bar and restaurant company has already “taken a look” at the site. However, “compliance issues would be a limitation and a cost factor” – in other words trying to work within the rules of developing a Listed building could make such a project uneconomic.

  2. Have to say that its a real shame its being left in such a state, the worry is that if its left too long then it will be beyond repair and end up being demolished, or is that the plan?

  3. I think you’re being unduly cynical. Let’s assume for the moment Barratt had not put up the new fence, and that potential vandals, seeing their opportunity, had broken in and burned the place down. Then you, as well as http://www.enderby.org.uk and others would be condemning Barratt for its reckless disregard of site security.
    Meanwhile, @ftldny, I’m not sure when Barratt took over the site and ownership of Enderby House. Having watched the building for many years, I suspect much of the damage happened during Alcatel-Lucent’s ownership.

  4. I know its off at a tangent a bit but does anyone know what road closures to expect. Ive had nothing through the door at all. Beginning to wonder whether the Council have got the ‘Run to the Beat’ crowd in to do their communications

  5. Basically, avoid Greenwich town centre on Saturday as there’s a parade on.

    It is a bit Run to the Beat-y – hoping to deal with this later this week.

  6. It’s the crew parade – a traditional part of the Tall Ships regattas which gives the public the chance to see the crews and leads them to the prizegiving. It’s a great way to recognise the effort they have all made – and remember many of them are youngsters for whom this has been their first experience of the sea, an opportunity to learn important lessons in life.
    As I understand it, the route comes down The Avenue (from the top of the park) and ends up at the Queen’s House, so I don’t think there will be a huge programme of road closures. The whole event is 14:00–17:00, but that includes the prizegiving ceremony. And given that the start and finish are inside the gates of the park, I don’t suppose all the town centre roads will be closed for the entire time.

  7. Is this ‘tall ships’ event the reason that new parking restrictions have come into force around parts of Greenwich & Vanburgh Park?
    These parking restrictions are in spots were they use to be free, and these signs look temporary tied on.
    I think it’s very poor from the council as I haven’t seen any notice that these will going up.
    Luckily I walk to work but on some occasions I have to drive and park near Vanbrugh Park as sometimes I have to stay at work very late!

    Any info about this?

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