While Greenwich Labour is still not acting over its bullying council leader, the party’s national leader Ed Miliband is having abusive problems of his own, having to endure remarkably below-the-belt tirades of abuse about his late father from the Daily Mail.

Daily Mail, 1 October 2013

That’s Ralph Miliband, who fought the Nazis in World War II, being criticised by the Daily Mail, which supported the Nazis in the 1930s.

What’s with the sudden diversion into national issues? Well, today, Greenwich Conservative councillor Nigel Fletcher got a mailshot from the Mail inviting him to advertise his business on Mail Online. Nigel’s day job is running a think-tank called the Centre For Opposition Studies, studying the art and influence of those who aspire to the top job, but haven’t quite made it. An apt choice for a Tory in Greenwich borough, many would say.

The Eltham North councillor shared his response on Twitter, and I thought it worth sharing here.

Nigel Fletcher's email to the Mail

Good on you, Nigel. Now, how about a word with Jeremy Hunt?

2 replies on “Greenwich Tory mauls Mail over Ed Miliband hatchet job”

  1. One song in our show ‘One Georgie Orwell’ is called ‘Boxer’s Blues’. One verse is about Napoleon in Animal Farm: ‘He didn’t own the Daily Mail/so he left all the lies to Squealer/funny how there’s faithful friend/for every double dealer’. The Miliband story is classic Daily Mail so, yes, good on you, Nigel. The way forward surely is some kind of social democracy attracting people of goodwill across the whole spectrum of society – left, right and centre. We had a lovely African meal at the Union Tavern in Woolwich last Friday with a dedicated follower of Thatcher. Bizarre maybe, but you’ll never meet a kinder or more generous person than the great Peter King. Big rethinks all round…or the same old thinking? The times should be a-changin’.

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