Looks like good news if you like decent pubs and live near Woolwich – The Woolwich, the hostelry that successful pub firm Antic had planned to open in the old Woolwich Equitable headquarters, appears to have been given a licence.

It appears as licence LN/000006775 in the essential reading that is the Greenwich Council Licensing Register, although I can’t find any sign of a meeting to give it approval since the council refused permission in September last year. (That might just be me being a bit rubbish, though.)

Fingers crossed, it’s all true and there’ll finally be somewhere to go that won’t involve being ignored by the staff before being charged a fortune (hello Dial Arch) or being shouted at by the terminally smashed (everywhere else). If the council’s changed its mind, good on it.

Antic, which is also looking to open up in Deptford High Street’s old Job Centre, also runs the Royal Albert in New Cross, the Ravensbourne Arms in Lewisham, and saw its Catford Bridge Tavern saved from closure before Christmas after Lewisham Council stepped in to list the building.

(Thanks to Katja for the tip-off.)

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  1. Delighted to confirm that ANTIC has got it’s licence. Well done to all those supporting the application. No objections this time round and supported by Police.

  2. My all time favourite post if the year Daryll, we shud meet for a bev when we see it happen 🙂

  3. Antic – there’s a gap in your portfolio. How about The Morden Arms or The Old Friends in Greenwich…

  4. Actually, thinking about it, there are several other establishments in Greenwich that could do with a discreet takeover…

  5. Great News. I hear on the grapevine that police and RBG licensing team had made further enquiries into Antic’s record and discovered that they rare highly regarded by other boroughs.

    The next thing to look out for is any application for use of outdoor space – the “continental vision” of GG Square that inspired its redevelopment. Roll on the summer.

  6. They run Jam Circus in Brockley as well – its a brilliant bar, cool decor with lovely food, friendly staff and reasonable prices. Antic should be welcomed with open arms!

    @TGP – I emailed Antic recently asking them to look at Greenwich as we have barely any decent pubs round here, which is so weird given the millions new flats for ‘young professionals’ in the pipeline. All we have in the town centre are rubbish chains and tourists traps (aside from 2 places on Royal Hill). Antic, help!

  7. Neil – hah! I was wondering that…

    Mick – ah, the ace Jam Circus. Used to occasionally walk over there in less well-employed days. Had a bad fire recently, but is hoping to open again soon.

    TGP – we need to start a campaign…

  8. Great news! I feared the Equitable House building would by colonized by more betting shops or loan sharks! It’s a grand building and it deserves a grand tenant.

  9. Guys, Antic has gone into administration. Very sad for them and – and for us Woolwich inhabitants as this means it is highly unlikely that Antic will be able to invest in a new pub. However whatever happens,the Woolwich building society building will get a nice pub at some stage – Antic have fought the battles with the council and paved the way! If Antic has to back out, let’s all proactively approach other appropriate small pub groups to persuade one of them to take up the baton!

  10. I went to the site yesterday and there is branding for a coffeeshop on the window, saying that is coming soon -Definately not for The woolwich pub,antic!(reading between the lines, a coffee shop business has bought the lease off antic. also I emailed antic twice last week and have had no reply which is ominous.On twitter there is mention of all the new sites but not “the Woolwich” although it is still on the anticlondon website. Have just called antic head office on 020 7733 8805 and spoke to a surly and unhelpful receptionist who said to email fi@anticlondon.com which i have done. Darryl, I would give anything to be wrong about this because like you probably, I would love a nice pub on Gordon Square but I think we are all being a tad naive …. But please prove me wrong! I would absolutely love to be wrong about this!

  11. Hey guys, it looks like I was wrong! Could not be more pleased! We should definatley be getting an Antic pub despite financial problems within the Antic’s companies!

    Please find my correspondence of this morning Thursday 24th January with Fi, the events manager at Antic:

    Hi Fi

    I wondered if you could confirm that Antic will no longer be opening a pub in Woolwich as there are many of us wanting to know. We have seen branding for a coffee shop we believe at the same location and are a bit confused.

    Kind regards,


    A woolwich resident.

    Hi Joanna
    The Coffee shop is in the unit to the left of ours. Our unit is secure and we should be starting work fairly soon.


    Hi Fi

    when you say that Antic “should be starting work fairly soon” on the woolwich site, is it definate that you are going to be opening the pub or is it still possible that it may not happen?


    It’s definite, like I say, we should be in there and building soon.

    to Fi
    wow. Great. i shall pass this on to the local area bloggers!

  12. Hi, am still a bit perplexed. have been back to ” the woolwlich” building and there is absolutey no where left to put a pub!

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