Strange times for Greenwich Council’s stuttering campaign to get residents to back a third Blackwall Tunnel, with its PR team trying to get topless model and self-publicist Jodie Marsh to support its push.

Jodie Marsh/ Zoo Magazine

The Bridge The Gap campaign ran into trouble earlier this month when its launch on Twitter was hijacked with a series of spoof messages about “the Dear Leader’s pet pussy” and branding the council “gormless”.

People who sign a petition on the council’s website are the redirected straight to Transport for London’s consultation on the issue, with the council directing users to back a Silvertown Tunnel and a ferry at Gallions Reach, Thamesmead.

It took a bizarre turn on Friday, when former Page 3 model Marsh tweeted that the “Woolwich ferry is the most inefficient ever. Waiting for an hour to take 12 cars! BUILD A BRIDGE!”.

The council’s press office spotted this later in the day, and responded. “You may be interested in #bridgethegap campaign for more river crossings in SE London. Pledge support at

Were they hoping for a bit of Z-list celebrity support, or maybe a retweet to Marsh’s 400,000 followers?

Whatever, Marsh, who in recent years has transformed herself into a bodybuilder and businesswoman, didn’t respond, instead preferring to promote her range of nutrition supplements and onesies.

Whether or not it’s right for a council to be trying rope in a topless model – and one with a particularly short fuse when it comes to criticism – is one question.

But the other’s more prosaic. Jodie Marsh lives in Brentwood, Essex; which the last time I looked, wasn’t in the borough of Greenwich. But travellers from Essex and Kent will be the biggest beneficiaries of a Silvertown Tunnel, which will attract more traffic to pass through Greenwich, Blackheath and Charlton; increasing pollution and doing little about congestion.

By trying to enlist Jodie Marsh to its campaign, Greenwich Council’s press office has neatly managed to encapsulate how absurd its road-building campaign is.

Keep on reading this website for news of how you can help oppose council leader Chris Roberts’ attempt to rig Transport for London’s consultation.

6 replies on “Greenwich Council courts Page 3’s Jodie to back Silvertown tunnel”

  1. I must admit I can’t see what benefit a Silvertown crossing has to people in Kent and Essex? Surely they’d just use Dartford? Unless the only reason Ms Marsh was using the Woolwich ferry was to save a couple of quid in tolls…
    All another crossing will do is increase traffic – cars expand to fill the available space.

  2. Will resist opportunity for juggernaut jokes etc. The bit I love is RGC citing the local taxi firms as big supporters – you don’t say! They have reduced a complex issue to a dumbed down campaign like this when there are many compelling reasons not to build, at least not in the Peninsula.

  3. For those who don’t read it, Greenwich Liberal is talking about last week’s desperate puff story for the campaign in Greenwich Time.

  4. Would gladly support any attempt to prevent a Silvertown tunnel being built on the Peninsula. There are residential developments, families and a primary school in the area and the last thing needed is a mass increase of traffic! There is enough congestion around North Greenwich when concerts are taking place at the O2 so not sure what Chris Roberts is doing in thinking another tunnel through the area will be a great idea! In addition, there have been plenty of road accidents in the area as it is. Seems as if this hasn’t really been considered in the narrowly focused goal of ramming the idea through people’s opinions/

  5. Well to be fair Jodie is actually right – they should build a bridge. Just like they planned before London took leave of it’s senses and voted in the blonde buffoon (twice)

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