The Valley, 3 December 2012

In contrast with last night’s meeting in Lewisham, which sounded rather lively (and where security staff reportedly tried to bar journalists), Tuesday’s meeting at The Valley in Charlton was less than half-full, with only about 30-40 people there, with barely a voice raised in anger. A large number of questioners were councillors and members of the Greenwich Labour party.

There wasn’t much new said about the report, which proposes the downgrading of Lewisham Hospital’s A&E and poses a question mark about its maternity services, but I thought I’d post some audio up for those interested, as well as audio from past meetings.

3 December 2012, The Valley, Charlton

a) The TSA’s panel is asked about Lewisham’s maternity services:

3 replies on “SE London NHS consultation: Listen to the meetings”

  1. At the Lewisham meeting nobody from Lewisham Hospital was sitting on the panel and we were told that Lewisham Hospital was represented there by the Medical Director of Kings, the Hospital that one could argue would benefit from a closure of Lewisham!
    Anyway, one of the last people to ask a question from the floor was… a doctor from Lewisham Hospital. She completely rejected the idea that the Hospital was represented there by anybody and said that as a paediatric consultant she was asked to express an opinion about a proposal that says nothing about children services at all. She put the case that despite the lack of any information in the consultation documents about these rather key services at Lewisham if those proposals would go ahead Children A&E and much of paediatric provision there would close as well. The response she reeceive was parly the vague patronizing filler that things change but also the admission that yes, some children now treated at Lewisham would have to go somewhere else.

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