The Dutch dream has died – the Peninsula Festival is closing after a troubled few days of existence. Just two more events are planned for the weekend, with the site being closed until then.

I also understand that founder Frank Dekker has resigned as a director. He hasn’t responded to an email asking for an update about the festival.

Typically for the confused publicity for the event, a statement appears not on its website, but on its Facebook page:

Updated statement. We have had a great time at Eastern Electrics and were glad they were able to make such good use of the terrain. We thank their team for a fantastic day!

Unfortunately for our other planned events, a number of circumstances have not allowed us to deliver the experience that we have promised to many.

In light of these developments, the terrain [sic] will only be opened for two more days: the 11th and 12th of August.

On Saturday the 11th, the Last Minute Artists Collective and unwanted. have offered to transform Area 12 into a circus wonderland with activities for all: The Forgotten Festival. The day will be free of charge and will feature a host of activities for the whole family.

On Sunday the 12th, I Love Jamaica day will be held on Area 12 as part of the celebrations for Jamaica’s 50th year of independence. The event will feature the best of Jamaican food, music and culture. Tickets on the door.

But one thing might not be there – that big screen. Greenwich Council has asked the PF’s contractors to put one up in Well Hall Pleasaunce, Eltham, instead. But what about the money it gave the festival, as whispers of administration fly around? Chief executive Mary Ney isn’t saying in a letter given to councillors (the ones who are meant to scrutinise the council’s decisions), simply saying the council hadn’t released all of the £50k funding.

(Wednesday update: According to, the council handed out £40k. However, it’s understood the Peninsula Festival is giving out different figures. Why isn’t Mary Ney being more upfront with councillors?)

There’ll be plenty of bones to pick over in the days ahead. If you’ve had dealings with the Peninsula Festival, feel free to get in touch.

15 replies on “Greenwich’s Peninsula Festival closes its doors”

  1. Disgraceful shambles start to finish. Beyond the small opening ceremony event, all that’s happened so far is the very large and exceptionally noisy (booming bass 11am-11pm a few feet from local residents, including the council’s own tennants) Eastern Electrics festival. This was sold out in advance of even being announced as being at the site and hence had absolutely no community element at all. Did PF Ltd let out their grounds to EE’s organisers and where did that money go? I hope the council licensing committee come on the record and explain why and where THEY went wrong too.

    It is hilarious that seminars on social media were to have been hosted at the festival. I also find it impossible to believe that the poor attendance was due to anything other than bad organisation and a pretty poor experience on offer. The area around the Dome is plastered with new promotional material on the Peninsula as a place to live/work/invest and the festival could have linked in with this nicely.

    No more of this in future years please – Area 12 should be turfed and tuned into a community sports space if noone wants to build on it any time soon.

  2. Any possibility of relocating their original marketing video to compare and contrast. Think you posted it some time ago? Campsites for thousands, beach, fun fair, tall ships international cuisine with famous international chefs……

  3. At least the Forgotten Festival seems to breathe a new life into this godforsaken venue. Seeing as it’s free and family friendly, I might just bring my kids there… Might.

  4. Just been past Area 12 on the way home from work at about 3pm on Saturday 11th and the place is deserted. It actually look like the fair was packing up. Definitely no Last Minute Artists Collective. Truely the Forgotten Festival.

  5. The Forgotten Festival was cancelled at the last minute… the unwanted shot a parting blast at the promoters of the I Love Jamaica day but gave no reason in detail… looking forward personally of watching it all get packed and cleared out once and for all and out of my sight when I look out of my flat… I hope I never hear the words “Peninsular” or “Festival” as long as I live…. seems like Mr Dekker has “resigned” and should not be allowed to organise anything like this ever again… an absolute absolute shambles…

    What WOULD be nice is the Council AND the PF actually once and for all own up to what went wrong publicly and be open and honest for once… but I imagine that that will never happen and it will all be brushed under the carpet…. I will be keeping my wristbands though (both lots I got sent) as a nice momento of a disaster and freebies that I was never meant to use…

  6. Gone into Administration. Checking Companies House their end of year accounts from december are still outstanding. Did Greenwich Council give them cash after December? If so where was the due diligence? Who gives cash to a company that has failed to register it’s accounts? Madness.

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