Its apologists say council propaganda weekly Greenwich Time exists to celebrate the people of the borough. It may well do, but only those who haven’t upset leader Chris Roberts. In its photography, GT’s well known for editing out, cropping out or even Photoshopping out those who aren’t close to the Dear Leader, which led to one Tory changing her hairstyle to win a bet by sneaking in, and a Labour councillor being replaced by a balloon.

With that in mind, why has the lad on the left gained an extra leg? Who does it belong to?

And what are we to make of this paragraph?

Cllr John Fahy, formerly project leader Sharon Brokenshire, told GT:”

John, we never knew. And Chris, if you want decent sub-editing done in a hurry, my rates are very reasonable.

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  1. Can’t stop laughing! Can’t decide which is funnier – the extra leg or the trans-gender gaffe! Maybe the publishers of GT are human after all…

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