A little late with this, but Transport for London has launched its consultation into plans to build a tunnel between the Greenwich Peninsula and Silvertown – in effect, a third Blackwall Tunnel. I’ve already outlined why this is a barmy, dangerous idea – and judging by the poll on last month’s post, most of you seem to agree. I wasn’t expecting that…

Also against the scheme is new blog Greenwich Liberal (you don’t get many of them around here). Sadly, Green Party mayoral candidate Jenny Jones seems to be worrying about how Boris plans to pay for it, rather than stopping it because it’s a crazy idea. “Disappointing” doesn’t even begin to cover that.

Thankfully, her colleague on the London Assembly, Darren Johnson – also a Lewisham councillor – says “air pollution is enough reason” to bin the proposal.

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  1. I have given positive feedback on this, as I see it… any new bridge, no matter where placed will exceed air pollution on it’s own. The only way to fix this is to build this, the Thames Gateway Bridge, a Gravesend to Tilbury bridge (M2 > M25) and possibly a few more.

    I don’t drive, I use public transport (normally train though)

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