They’ve been a bit late in coming, but full plans for what’ll happen to traffic in Greenwich and Blackheath during the Olympic Games – as well as parking in an area from Deptford to Plumstead – are now on the London 2012 website. It’s worth a look, even if you’re a non-driver like me – there’s big changes planned.

There’s also a page on the Greenwich Council website which is intended to simply all this information, but confuses matters by making odd claims like “many people are saying that penalties should be as much as £1,000 if a vehicle is parked illegally within a one-kilometre radius of the Greenwich Park venues”. Those would be the £1,000 fines Greenwich says elsewhere on its website that it is “not proposing”.

Clear as mud, then.

There’s also a link to a questionnaire about the proposals, but at the time of writing it wasn’t working. (Update: It is working now.)

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  1. Yes I too went on line to view and yes you are so right ‘clear as mud’ NOT. I also have tried to access the questionnaire however, I too cannot complete. I have sent an email to the Traffic Management at Greenwich Council…still waiting for a response however, I don’t hold out much hope because they normally take about two weeks to reply to anything I ask!

    Above is the statement regarding the parking fines.

    Wow, they got back to me quite quickly. They report the issue has been sorted however, I went on to submit the questionnaire, which I must add first of all, that I thought it would give me an option to comment, which it does not.
    There are only three questions on the form,
    1, Taxis in a particular road should they be there
    2, parking fine £200 to high or too low
    3, Buses in Greenwich should they be there
    hardly worth filling it in, in the first place. Anyway, there is another error message coming up so I have emailed them again.

    (EDIT – various subsequent comments on the progress or otherwise of Toni’s survey through Greenwich’s wonky servers have been deleted to allow space for other people to have their say.)

  3. Well, my comment was going to be ‘clear as mud’, but Darryl has bagged that.

    I’ll try and get to one of the meetings, but why not devote an issue of GT to tell us — with diagrams that are better than those provided by Locog (I can’t make out the buggers) what is going to happen. EG I know Ha Ha Road is closing effectively marooning me from the ma-in-law (tee-hee), but for how long? Etc etc.

  4. From the look of the Parking Map it appears that Delacourt Motors in the road of the same name (off the Sun-in-the-Sands roundabout) has won special dispensation…

  5. LOCOG’s plans are pretty clear, but it’s Greenwich’s cack-handed “interpretation” of them that muddy the picture. Clearly, they’re trying to persuade us to complain about a few things.

  6. There only seems to be one “cycle parking” facility for Greenwich Park – and it’s right down by the Trafalgar Inn (in the University grounds). Amazing that they can’t find the space in a big park for some bike racks.

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