Backers of the Peninsula Festival have applied to Greenwich Council to hold 45,000-capacity concerts on an empty plot of land in the week before the Olympics.

They want four shows to be held between 19 and 26 July 2012, with eight smaller concerts during the Olympics period itself.

The application, for the land bounded by West Parkside, John Harrison Way and Millennium Way, is in the name of Kilimanjaro Live, the firm behind the Sonisphere and Wakestock festivals, as well as tours by the likes of Andrea Boccelli, Metallica and Simply Red.

The proposed licence would last from 19 July to 12 August, with four concerts with a capacity of up to 45,000 in the week before the Olympics. There would be a further three of 20,000 and five of 10,000 during the Olympics itself. The application is for alcohol to be sold from 10.00-02.00 seven days a week, and for live music between 10.00-02.00.

Any shows after 23.00 will take place in “tented structures”, the application says, and is intended to delay the departure of some of the audience and take the pressure off transport services.

Full details can be obtained from Greenwich Council’s licensing department at, with observations needed by 31 August.

Meanwhile, other applications have also gone into Greenwich Council for next summer’s beach at Delta Wharf, just to the west of the Blackwall Tunnel, as well as for aspects of the campsite planned for the peninsula during the Olympics.

Delta Wharf Beach. Application for permanent licence from 1st February 2012. Sale of alcohol (on site only) plays, music, dance, 10.00-23.00 all week, Live music weekdays 08.00-23.00 weekends 10.00-23.00 Late night refreshment 23.00-24.00. The application says Delta Wharf will be “transformed into a ‘city beach’ venue until required by the landowners”. “Uses include beach-type entertainment and attractions, children’s playground, licensed bar and light food, hospitality, open air sports facilities, music entertainment, broadcasting, live music, performance and dance.”

Greenwich Yacht Club. From 20th July 2012 to 16th August 2012. Sale of alcohol all week 10.00 – 01.30. Live music Monday-Saturday 10.00-02.00 Sunday 10.00-24.00. Recorded music all week 08.00-24.00. Late night refreshment Monday-Saturday 23.00-02.00. Sunday 23.00-24.00. “To provide entertainment and serve food and beverages to the visitors of the Peninsula Festival at the Marina. The components being the land side buildings at the Greenwich Yacht Club (GYC), the yard of GYC and the club house. Yard to be cleared and dressed as a breakfast space, lunch time piazza and evening live entertainment space for up to 1,000 guests. Open to the public via ticketed access.”

Business Lounge in Peartree Way, within GMV Phase 4. From 20th July 2012 to 14th August 2012. Supply of alcohol from 09.00-22.00. “The business lounge on the Oranjecamping is a by-invitation space for sponsors, business guests, and other VIPs to relax, enjoy a drink, and meet like-minded people. Internet access, newspapers, and complimentary drinks (coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer, wine and champagne) will be provided to guests. The maximum capacity of the business lounge is less than 500 people.”

That “business lounge” application is for the patch of land opposite the yacht club, by the way. The campsite itself is immediately south of that, on the land between West Parkside and Bugsbys Way. Representations on these three applications need to be made by 25 August, to the same address. The councillors for Peninsula ward would also be grateful to hear your views, I’m sure.

Peninsula Festival organiser Frank Dekker spoke to this website earlier this year about his plans. One thing that strikes me – with Southeastern cutting train services for the Olympics, forcing people to North Greenwich Tube, could the transport network cope with an additional load of visitors? I’ve also heard some rumblings of discontent from ecology park users and from residents north of the river.

But then again, it’ll really build up the Olympics buzz next summer. There could well be a few summer nights sat out on the peninsula’s parks listening out for what can be heard over the fence from the big stage. A bit like a bigger Greenwich Summer Sessions. For or against, I’d be interested to know what you think.

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  1. I think transport will be fine. The idea of tents is good. Have some nice bars open til 1am and lots of people will hang about. The tube will be running later I believe and the Jubilee will be running its full 33tph by then. Who knows the cable car could be working 😉 And some extra Thames clippers will help. It’ll be summer, the olympics will just be beginning, and the perfect time for one too many and stumbling home.

  2. I’d like to ask why you don’t feel it necessary to mention the massive disruption and noise nuisance this will entail for local residents in GMV at all in this article. It’s a (large) empty patch of land but directly opposite / within line of sight an sound for at least five large apartment blocks. There would surely be opposition from you at loud music until 2am and crowds until 3am for 2 whole weeks if it were anywhere else in the borough?

  3. This is an appaulling idea. No consideration has been taken for the residents of the Penisula.The noise, crime and public dis order, protection of children from harm, public nuisance, lack of adequate transportation.

  4. As someone who lives in the large, dense, residential area that is on the other side of the road to this open air concert, litterally feet away, I can tell you that this is not going to go through unopposed.

    I should think the people who live on the other side of the river are pretty insignificant compared to 1000 homes right next to the thing!

  5. The yacht club is a terrible location for this – right next to the Ecology Park! I spoke to the Ecology Park staff and volunteers and they were really worried, as this will take place during the bird nesting season when such disturbance will be especially damaging. It’s not like there are many places like this in Greenwich – the Ecology Park is unique and an amazing achievement for Greenwich. Anything that jeopardises it for a bit of a laugh is really short-sighted and the worst possible Olympic legacy.

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