Polling station
Four wards have council by-elections, everywhere will have the mayoral election

Here are the candidates for the Greenwich Council election on May 5, 2022.

There are 55 council seats across 23 wards – a change from the previous election. Most wards are very different from last time, and some have two councillors while others have three.

Candidates do not pay a deposit, but must be nominated by 10 electors in the ward where they wish to stand. Visit beacouncillor.org.uk for more details on how this works.

Each councillor gets a basic allowance of £10,415 each year, many are paid more for taking on special responsibilities such as chairing committees or sitting on the cabinet.

Labour has controlled Greenwich since 1971. There are currently 42 Labour councillors and nine Conservative councillors. In 2018, Labour got 51.7% of the vote, the Conservatives 22.3%, the Greens 11.8% and the Liberal Democrats 8.4%.

You can vote for two or three different candidates depending on your ward.

Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm.

Here’s the full list of candidates with social media links where available.

WardLabour PartyConservativesGreen PartyLiberal DemocratsOthers
Abbey Wood
(3 cllrs)
Peter Baker
Anne-Marie Cousins
Denise Hyland
David Brinson
Brenda Lobo
Brian Weller
James Brandon
Arhun Galieva
Roberto Mirabella
Anthony Durham

(3 cllrs)
Leo Fletcher
Mariam Lolovar
Christine St Matthew-Daniel
Geoff Brighty
Daniel McGinley
Naveed Mughal
Philip Malivoire
Victoria Rance
George Edgar
Pierce Chalmers
Lee Coppack
Roger Spence
Trevor Allman (Loony)
Stewart McGill (Communist)

(2 cllrs)
Clare Burke-McDonald
Lakshan Saldin
Rupert Fienes
Alan O’Kelly
Cole Pemberton
Ann Brown
Sam Burridge
Charlton Village
& Riverside

(2 cllrs)
Gary Dillon
Jo van den Broek
Lucy Woodruff
James Worron
Philip Connolly
Clare Loops
Stuart Watkin
East Greenwich
(3 cllrs)
Rowshan Hannan
Maisie Richards Cottell
Majid Rahman
Andrea Borberly
Andrew Bell
Elliot Whittingham
Matt Browne
Stacy Smith
Karin Tearle
Rupert Wainwright

Eltham Page
(2 cllrs)
Sarah Merrill
Miranda Williams
Angie Begollari
Philip Russell
Matt StratfordMatthew HuntbachNick Scanlon (BF)
Eltham Park
& Progress

(2 cllrs)
Linda Bird
Simon Peirce
Charlie Davis
Spencer Drury
Luke HawkinsAlistair MillsWendy Beaumont (Reform)
Eltham Town
& Avery Hill

(3 cllrs)
Sammy Backon
Lauren Dingsdale
Raja Zeeshan
Nigel Fletcher
Pat Greenwell
Malcolm Reid
Mark Williams Michael Chuter
Martha Pankhurst
Tom Bright (Reform)

(2 cllrs)
Majella Anning
Calum O’Byrne Mulligan
Ben Crompton
Christopher Swift
Sem Longhurst Anthony Austin
Victoria Harris
Greenwich Park
(2 cllrs)
Pat Slattery
Aidan Smith
Daniel Smith
Ariadna Vilalta
Hayley Jeffery
Mike Sixsmith
Andrew Smith
Rhian O’Connor

(3 cllrs)
David Gardner
Denise Scott-McDonald
Nick Williams
Godwin Amaefula
James Cowling
Anthonia Ugo
Roger Bailey
John Holmes
Laura Sessions
Ulysse Abbate
Richard Chamberlain
Greg Mulligan
Terry Wheeler (Reform)
Kidbrooke Park
(2 cllrs)
John Fahy
Odette McGahey
Aileen Davis
Kerrymarie West
Alexander PembertonDonald Reid Sharon Kent (Reform)
Kidbrooke Village
& Sutcliffe

(2 cllrs)
Sandra Bauer
Dave Sullivan
Kate Drury
Lola Ojomola
Fiona MooreChris Milne
Middle Park
& Horn Park

(2 cllrs)
Christine May
Rachel Taggart-Ryan
David Banks
Rob Sayers
Pierre Davies Mark Pattenden
& New Eltham

(3 cllrs)
Don Austen
Cathy Dowse
Edward Jones
Matt Hartley
John Hills
Roger Tester
Paul GentryMark Simpson (Reform)
& Glyndon

(3 cllrs)
Adel Khaireh
Jit Ranabhat
Sandra Thomas
Michael Dowd
Alistair Green
Kristian Turner
Benjamin Oram
Duncan Platt
Millie Brown
Richard Smith

(3 cllrs)
Nas Asghar
Issy Cooke
Matt Morrow
Jim Davis
Ashley Foord
Dave Robinson
Leonie Barron
Anji Petersen
Richard Shiel
Shooters Hill
(2 cllrs)
Danny Thorpe
Ivis Williams
Paul Butler
Christopher Anoty
Tamasin RhymesKirstie SheddenRuth Handyside (Reform)

(2 cllrs)
Olu Babatola
Averil Lekau
Paul Drake
Peter Nutting
Judy Spence

(2 cllrs)
Chris Lloyd
‘Lade Olugbemi
Jonathan Morris
Colin Podmore
Julie AdamsSuzanne Miller

(3 cllrs)
Sam Littlewood
Joshua Ayodele
Jackie Smith
Pat Hills
Marcelo Neves
Tania Wilkinson-Bewick
Lindsay EverndenRamesh Perera DelcourtPhilip Onwuachi (Ind)
Jimmy Wu (Reform)

(2 cllrs)
Elizabeth Ige
Anthony Okereke
Elaine Pooke
Mike Rafferty
Matthew Glinsman

(2 cllrs)
Dominic Mbang
Asli Mohammed
David Chunu
Simon Gallie
Nichola Martin
Matthew Rose

The formal list of candidates can be found on the Greenwich Council website.

Note: Most Labour candidates – apart from in East Greenwich, Greenwich Creekside and Greenwich Park wards – are joint candidates with the Co-operative Party.

Abbreviations: Ind – Independent; Reform – Reform UK; Communist – Communist Party of Britain; Loony – Official Monster Raving Loony Party; BF – Britain First.

Are there manifestos?
Greenwich Labour manifesto 2022
Greenwich Conservative manifesto 2022

Have there been hustings?
In some wards, candidates faced questions from residents at meetings held by local groups.
Here are the ones we knew of.

East Greenwich: The Forum at Greenwich, Trafalgar Road SE10 9EQ, Wednesday 20 April
Was it recorded? Yes, watch what happened.
(Held by East Greenwich Residents Association and Christ Church East Greenwich.)

Charlton Village & Riverside: Charlton House, Wednesday 20 April
Was it recorded? No. (We asked the organisers and they didn’t respond.)
(Held by the Charlton Society and Charlton Central Residents Association.)

Charlton Hornfair: Charlton House, Saturday 23 April – was not recorded
Was it recorded. No (see above.)
(Held by the Charlton Society.)

Greenwich Peninsula: St Mary Magdalene School, Hendon Street SE10 0NF, Tuesday 26 April
Was it recorded? Yes, watch what happened.
(Held by East Greenwich Residents’ Association, Aldeburgh and Fearon Streets Neighbourhood Watch and Holy Trinity Greenwich Peninsula.)

Greenwich Park: St Mark’s Centre, Greenwich South Street SE10 8TY, Friday 29 April
Was it recorded? Yes, watch what happened.
(Held by the Greenwich Society.)

If you know of any hustings, please let us know – tell853something[at]gmail.com.

What about neighbouring boroughs?
Lewisham Council’s elections page
Bexley Council election page
Bromley Council candidates

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