Greenwich Council says it will work to ensure “long-term improvements” are made at a crumbling wall next to a bus stop which partially collapsed last week.

The Greenwich Wire has seen complaints from residents going back more than two years about the wall opposite St Nicholas’ Gardens, on Plumstead High Street.

While fencing was put up around the wall, it was left to deteriorate and part of the structure collapsed last week, covering the pavement in debris.

Land Registry documents indicate that the wall is privately owned, with the owners of each of the houses above each responsible for part of it. It has been in a poor condition for some time, with some of the fencing having fallen away.

One resident, Richard Norman, first reported the wall in February 2021, and had been in touch with the council via direct message on social media.

Crumbling Plumstead wall fenced off
The crumbling wall is next to a busy bus stop. Credit: The Greenwich Wire

On Thursday last week, he berated the council on social media, saying: “This WILL collapse and with a high potential of personal injury. YOU remain liable based on your knowledge and responsibility in maintaining assets.”

The wall appears to have collapsed the following day, with a tree following soon after. “You were warned and did nothing,” he said.

Another resident received an email from a council officer saying that the town hall had been aware of defects since October last year after a site visit, and had contacted the owners of the properties above the wall to warn them, but had not taken any enforcement action.

When the resident asked in September this year if the council believed that this was acceptable, the officer replied: “I am unable to answer why [the council] would think that’s acceptable.”

One of the properties connected to the wall is owned by the housing association L&Q, according to Land Registry records. It did not respond to a request for comment.

Crumbling wall with fence missing
The whole wall is in a poor condition. Credit: The Greenwich Wire

A council spokesperson told The Greenwich Wire: “We are aware of this structure and have already visited the site to make it safe following its recent deterioration. We are in contact with the owner of the wall and are now working with them on long term improvements. 

“As this is a private property it is not part of our routine inspections, but since the issues were first made aware to us we have been in dialogue with the residents to try to find a safe solution.”