Shooters Hill junction with South Circular
Bent railings show where past crashes have happened at Shooters Hill Credit: The Greenwich Wire

A dangerous junction at the foot of Shooters Hill is in line for a 20mph speed limit – but only on the South Circular Road.

Transport for London has begun consulting on plans to slow traffic on many of the roads it controls in south London. The stretch of the South Circular from the Woolwich Ferry to Well Hall Roundabout is included in these plans, which includes the Shooters Hill-Well Hall Road junction where two people have died in the past 16 years.

The measure is aimed at cutting deaths on the roads, and TfL says that people hit by a vehicle at 20mph are around five times less likely to be die than those hit at 30mph.

While the proposal was first announced last November, consultation papers have only just started to arrive for the south London plans.

South Circular Road
A 20mph limit is proposed for the South Circular Road at the Shooters Hill junction

Residents close to the Shooters Hill-Well Hall Road junction have been campaigning for safety improvements to be made by both Greenwich and TfL.

TfL controls most of the major routes into and out of central London as well as the North and South Circular, with other main roads – such as Shooters Hill – left to the boroughs.

But while 20mph speed limits are common in all inner London boroughs, the only exception is Greenwich, which has persisted with 30mph on most of its main roads. Neighbouring Lewisham has had a 20mph limit since 2016.

Greenwich has said it will review its policy, but for now it faces being out of step with City Hall on road safety. Many TfL roads in central London already have 20mph limits, as do the A2 in New Cross and the A21 between Lewisham and Catford.

As well as the Woolwich Ferry to Well Hall Roundabout stretch, the South Circular will be given a 20mph limit between Milborough Crescent in Lee and Clapham Common.

Other SE London roads to be covered by the 20mph limit include the A20 from Kidbrooke Park Road to New Cross, the A2 from Deptford Bridge to Bricklayers Arms, the A202 Queens Road and the A200 Jamaica Road.

Blackheath Hill
The A2 Blackheath Hill is not covered by the plan

TfL roads that miss out include the A2 along Blackheath Road and Blackheath Hill and the southern stretch of Kidbrooke Park Road, despite both being relatively narrow roads in residential areas. Most of St Mildred’s Road, on the South Circular in Lee, is also not covered.

Most of Westhorne Avenue will remain at 40mph, but a small stretch at the Yorkshire Grey roundabout will be reduced to 30mph. Major dual carriageways stay as they are.

When announcing similar proposals for north London last year, Penny Rees, TfL’s head of healthy street investment, said: “We are determined to eliminate deaths and serious injuries from London’s roads in line with our Vision Zero goal. Ensuring the safety of Londoners and visitors is paramount.”

Work is due to start later this year. More details can be found at