Meridian Point on fire with firefighters aiming hoses
Up to 120 firefighters attended the blaze on April 26

Residents who had to evacuate their homes after a huge fire in Deptford have had their flats plundered in the aftermath of the blaze.

Bank cards, TVs, laptops and jewellery were among the items stolen from Meridian Point on Creek Road, which was seriously damaged in the fire on April 26. Staff at a shop beneath the flats also say they were victims of theft.

As many as 120 firefighters attended the huge blaze, with smoke blowing across a wide area. Some 13 people were evacuated from the block, and residents are still living away from their homes.

Meridian Point damage
Residents say their homes have been burgled after the fire

Police have confirmed that they have received a report of theft from the evacuated flats. They say no arrests have been made so far.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said her flat, along with three others, had items stolen. They said jewellery, cash, bank cards, TV and video game consoles had been taken.

Receptionist Jenny Aspess, who works in one of the shops below the flats, told the Local Democracy Reporting Service that a boardroom monitor and laptop had also been taken from her workplace.

Police say enquiries into the thefts are ongoing.

Damage at Meridian Point
The block had timber frames, it was reported last week

After the blaze, the London Fire Brigade said it believed the fire was accidental and caused by “hot works” being carried out on the roof.

Last week the trade website Inside Housing reported that the block was timber-framed and residents had been advised to stay in their homes if there was a fire, unless they were affected by smoke or flames.

Additional reporting by Darryl Chamberlain

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