We’d like to show our appreciation to staff at Queen Elizabeth Hospital and Lewisham Hospital as they deal with the coronavirus emergency

Just across the river, the new NHS Nightingale Hospital created inside the Excel centre will take its first coronavirus patients this week. But in Woolwich and Lewisham, the fight goes on to treat people who have been laid low by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Today, 853 is launching an appeal to help the staff at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich and Lewisham Hospital as they toil day and night on the front line against the greatest threat many of us will have known in our lives.

Last week, thousands of south-east Londoners stood to applaud the staff of the National Health Service for their efforts in treating coronavirus patients. But with patient numbers set to rise much further, their greatest battles are yet to come.

We would like to show our appreciation for their efforts by raising £2,000 £5,000 for the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust Charitable Fund. Money donated to the fund will go towards making the lives of our local NHS staff easier.

  • Please donate to the Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust Charitable Fund
  • We’d like to help fund temporary accommodation for staff at the two hospitals who have household members in quarantine. Your money will also go towards morale-boosting supplies, such as coffee machines and care packages.

    The fund also provides vital equipment that can be used in the hospitals.

  • Click here to donate to the appeal
  • We know that by choosing to read this website, you care about what happens in your local area. We also believe that local media has a responsibility to rally round those who care for us when times are hard. So if you can spare something, even just the cost of a cup of coffee, it would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.

    9.40pm update: We’re delighted to say we broke our original £2,000 target within five hours of this appeal going live. Let’s see how close to £5,000 we can get…

    Thanks to the team at Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Trust for supplying the photos for this appeal.