Dan Garrun with Caroline Lucas
Dan Garrun with Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas at Westminster

Londoners go to the polls on Thursday 3 May to elect their local councils. In the first of a special series of articles from party representatives, local Green Party co-ordinator DAN GARRUN outlines what his party has to offer the people of Greenwich.

In this election, the Green Party is standing on a platform of protecting communities and neighbourhoods from reckless development.

Jenny Murphy. Matt Browne and Dan Garrun
Peninsula candidates Jenny Murphy. Matt Browne and Dan Garrun

What that means is that we want to stop things like the Labour-approved cruise terminal polluting our air with massive diesel engine fumes and the Labour backed Silvertown Tunnel from choking our streets with traffic.

It also means that when homes are built, and we do want more affordable homes to be built, that we do it in a way that doesn’t overload public transport, overload GPs, wreck green spaces like the Greenwich Ecology Park or suddenly drive up rents for everyone already there. We know Greenwich is lucrative turf for developers and we want more of those profits ploughed back into our neighbourhoods.

We’re living in an age of drastic cuts, we’re well aware of the pressure that puts on the council budget, so these are the areas where we think funding should be increased because it will improve our lives and pay us back over time.

  • We will invest in youth services, services for the elderly and community support officers because it will cut crime and create productive members of society, freeing up police and social workers to work with the most vulnerable.
  • Keep local business rates and rents as low as possible, this will keep shops open and high streets diverse and ensure that people spend their wages locally so that the money stays in the community.
  • Provide visa and support services for EU citizens and all other nationalities at risk of deportation because we know they work, pay tax and give back.
  • Lastly vote Green to protect green spaces because tests show our air is polluted and getting worse, and no matter what we ban the best way to clean air is with trees and plants, lots of them! This will save a fortune in clean-up efforts and medical bills down the line.
  • Green Party photo of members campaigning
    Green members out campaigning in east Greenwich

    Finally, we think you should vote Green to keep some accountability and democracy on the council. Let’s face it, there is absolutely no doubt that the Labour Party will come back with a thumping majority on the council after this election and possibly even a one-party state in Greenwich for the first time, which is bad for democracy and accountability.

    There are very few wards where anyone else can get in. One of them is Peninsula where Greens came second last time, and the other area is in the south of the borough where the Conservatives hope to keep a toehold in places like Eltham.

    So, Greens in the North, Conservatives in South. Those are your choices for keeping the council democratic and for keeping Labour honest.

    Dan Garrun is standing in Peninsula ward for the Green Party. To see the party’s manifesto, visit greenwich.greenparty.org.uk

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