Christ Church, East Greenwich
“And the bells are ringing out, for…” oh, hang on, they’re not

It’s all gone quiet on Trafalgar Road. 853 reader DAVID THOMSON would like you to help him get the bells ringing again at Christ Church, East Greenwich.

The bell chimes at Christ Christ on Trafalgar Road have been out of action for a number of years due a faulty system which is over 20 years old and largely obsolete.

Local parishioners petitioned the vicar, Margaret Cave, during the summer requesting a return of the church bells.

This is something we have wanted for some time and have had the manufacturers down from Derby to inspect the bell chimes, as well as the two clocks on the steeple faces. The work to get them ringing again – including the initial maintenance bill – will be £3,000.

We are asking the local community to pull together and help us raise the money and have set-up an online donation page.

Any donations made here give us an option to claim an additional 25% Gift Aid contribution. Please help us and let’s get the traditional sound of bells back in East Greenwich.

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