A bit late with this, but Greenwich Community Law Centre lost its judicial review of Greenwich Council’s decision to cut its funding.

You can read the full judgment from Mr Justice Cranston, who concluded:

“It is with considerable regret that I reach the conclusions I do. Greenwich CLC is a long established law centre. Its work is well known to this court. In 2009 it was assessed by the Council as costing the least per case of all the advice providers in the borough. If the law centre does close it will be a sad day, to say the least, for the staff and its clients. Despite the Council’s assumptions it may be that outreach is not the best way of reaching the priority groups.

“It also may be that the type of scoring exercise rampant in decision-making these days measures more the ability to write an application than the quality of the applicant. None of these issues are for me. As a matter of legal analysis I can detect no reviewable flaw in how the Council has behaved in this case. Notwithstanding Mr Manning’s considerable advocacy, and the invaluable assistance Mr Brown provided him before and during the hearing, there is nothing in what they raised before me to cast any shadow of doubt on the lawfulness of the Council’s actions throughout the grant awarding process.”

Thanks to Bill for the heads-up on this.